Comments BG

I’ve set yellow color in Preferences > Appearance > Customizable Colors > Editor > Footnote Comments BG

The yellow color applies to footnotes when I insert them, in text and inspector pane,
but does not apply to comments.

When I insert a comment it is a dark gray color and text is barely legible on it.

Is there another color setting somewhere for comments?

Whereas footnotes use single, consistent colour, comments can have different colours. Thus, the footnote colour is set via the Preferences, whereas footnote colours are set individually. Select a comment (or multiple comments and then either hit Shift-Cmd-C to bring up the colour panel, and select a colour from that, or Ctrl-click on the comments and select a colour from the contextual menu (remember that you can use scrivenings to load comments from multiple files all together).

New comments will use the last colour you used.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Comments just use the last colour you used for them, the next time you use the tool. Same with inline annotations. If you make a blue marking once, you’ll continue making new blue markings until you change it to green. So just change the colour of the comment (right-click on the comment itself), and that should get rid of the strange preference you have.