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Hi all. Can anyone tell me where Scrivener pulls author name from on pc? For me this is incorrect in scrivener metadata, although my account name on windows 10 is correct.

How can I change/edit this permanently for every new project.
I have checked my registration in REGEDIT and the license and user name there is correct.


Name: Joseph Blogs

But on the project METADATA author full name is “Joe Blogs” ?

I change this to my proper name, but this doesn’t affect the insert comment boxes, which automatically default to “Joe Blogs…time date”

Also, is there anyway to get the project METADATA to keep to my changes. Starting a new project reverts to shortend name again?

Hi all. I have solved this issue. It was due to the username in the local account on windows 10. I logged out of my online account and into the local account, changed my name in the account settings (locally) and this solved the problem.