Comments color

Hello all,
A strange problem has cropped up that I hope someone can help me with. This morning Scrivener was working fine, but tonight every time I create a new comment in any document, across all projects, the comment box for each new entry is blood red, as opposed to the normal yellow. I’ve changed nothing in Preferences, haven’t even opened the Preference Pane for several weeks. I’m sure I’ve done something but cannot figure out what. The customizable colors in the Appearances tab (Views, Comments Pane) seems to be set properly. Any help would be appreciated; that bright red is giving me a headache! Thank you in advance, CG


At some point you must have adjusted something in the colour panel while the focus was in a comment. To fix it, just select a comment, ctrl-click on it, and select one of the standard colours. New comments are created using the last comment colour used.

Hope that helps.

All the best,