Comments Displaying System Name not Scrivener License Name

When I create a comment the automated text at the bottom displays the name on my Windows registration not my Scrivener Registration. How do I make Scrivener use the name from my Scrivener registration?

I use a different name format for writing than for some other purposes, so would like my comments to use the correct version.

I activated a free trial version, and do not have a disk copy.

At the moment, the name just comes from the Windows account name and there’s not a way to set this differently. It can be edited within the note, so deleted or replaced if you wish. If you have a text expander tool like AutoHotKey or Phrase Express, you can easily fill in the name you want to use and the date or time in whatever format you like.

O well, I was just hoping to save myself a few keystrokes.

Thanks anyway.

Understandable! It’s not a bad idea, and I’ve made a note to see if we can add this in a future version.