Comments, Document Notes, Annotations, Bookmarks

I’m very new to Scrivener - just finished some training. There seem to be several functions, i.e. as above for making notes, adding information, comments, annotations etc. Just wondering if anyone has any tips about which function is best for what, or have particular preferences.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Annotations are easy to hide in your output document, so they’re good for notes that are strictly for your own use.

Comments translate directly to/from Word comments, so they’re good for notes to/from non-Scrivener using collaborators.

Document Notes apply only to the specific document and are difficult to view from elsewhere in the project, while Project Bookmarks are intended to be visible project-wide. So a document note might be “Revise this section because the map of the town has changed,” while a Bookmark might point to the town’s corrected map.

Thank you. I wasn’t trying to do anything specific, just a bit confused as to how these different options work and could be used.