Comments Don't Align Right when Compiling from Scrivener 3 for Mac to MS Word

I just compiled 78 pages from Scrivener 3 to Word. I noticed that after the first couple of comments (the ones you use the “Insert Comment” command for with margin notes to yourself or your editor, etc.) that the comments were not attached to the word or words intended. They usually slip down a paragraph or so. With a full novel filled with such comments, I dread the task of realigning them all when I’m ready to send the full manuscript to my editor, so if there’s a fix for this bug, I’d love to know what it is asap. I’m not sure what else to say about it. I don’t like how hard inserting comments got with Scrivener 3, but if I’m doing it wrong, let me know. I go under the “Insert” tab across the top then click “Comment.” They stay where they’re supposed to be in Scrivener, so the error occurs in compiling to Word.

My Max is using Catalina 10.15.6. I’m using the Scrivener 3 trial version (3.1.5) for a couple of days longer then will be updating my license from Scrivener 2.



That’s very strange. Could you possibly send us a project that shows the issue? Comments are hooked up fine in my tests.

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Do you want both Word and Scrivener files (before and after compile)? And where do I sent it. I don’t want to post a partial manuscript on a public forum. Thanks!

When I did a save-as and only kept two pages of Chapter One as a test for you, it worked. Then I padded lots of repeated words up to 9 pages, and it still worked. But twice now when I tried to compile a 78-page file (which I won’t be able to send more than in screenshots of course), by page two the comments are showing up half a page later. So it must have something to do with length of document.

Just thought I’d throw that out there in case your test sample was too short.



Go here to send the project privately:

You can email a project by using the File → Backup → Backup To command, and checking the box to create a ZIP backup.

Please reference this forum thread so that whichever member of the support teams receives the project will know what to do with it.


Thanks, but I am reluctant to send someone I don’t know a 99k word manuscript that I plan to publish later this year. Since it didn’t seem to mess up if I’m just doing a couple of chapters, I’ve decided to just compile/export in smaller chunks and put them together later in Word. (Can you tell I have trust issues. LOL) But thanks anyway. Hopefully someone else will report it sometime and it’ll get fixed.

One alternative is to obfuscate the text by doing a bunch of random letter replacements. Another is to replace the live text with lorem ipsum filler.

Rest assured, we treat all projects as confidential, and dispose of them when no longer needed for support purposes.


I have just come across exactly this problem when compiling to Word.

Just to add, I did a compile of the same document from Scrivener on my iPad to word and the comments were aligned OK, so the issue does seem to be with MacOSX compiling.