Comments & Footnotes inspector and floating panel

I’ve been using the comment tool for a lot of quick notes as I plough through the planning stages of my current project. All good: they’re just what I need.

Clicking on a comment in full-screen mode (which I don’t often use) pops-up the Comments & Footnotes floating Quick Reference panel, but in ‘normal’ windowed mode will automatically reveal the full inspector.

Is there a way to have comments open in the Quick Reference panel, rather than the Inspector when in ‘normal’ mode? Opening the Inspector panel messes up my (vertical) split panel arrangement every time I close it, breaking my workflow as I have to then re-arrange my split panels, which is a bit annoying.

(Maybe this is a request for a future version of Scrivener to respect/remember the split panel dimensions when opening/closing the inspector.)

Answering my own question:

The inspector panel will only upset the layout of two vertical panes if it is pulled-out wide enough to do so. Resetting it to being narrow means only the right-pane is resized when the inspector is opened. On closing the arrangement returns to the way it was before.

It’s a bit odd this behaviour, but minor. The annoying need to re-jig the panes now doesn’t happen if I keep the inspector skinny.