Comments highlight invisible in editor

In this example, I commented the word ‘this’ but it is not highlighted in blue in the Editor unlike the comment in the Inspector, while it works as a comment : I can click on the word ‘this’. This occurs each time in this project :

But if I create a new project, commented words will be highlighted in the editor as usually.

Is it normal ? Is there an option that I don’t know ? Is there a way to correct that in the current project ? Or is it kind of ‘corrupted’ ?

Since it’s happening in only one project, you could try this (Literature & Latte KB):

@anon56864026 Thank you so much. It works ! Easy and fast. :+1:

Excellent! You’re welcome.

My guess is that you had View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Hide Markup enabled, which along with all of your other display settings, would have been reset to default by clearing the UI settings.

@AmberV : Indeed. You’re right. I’ve just tried Hide/Show Markup with the same project. And it hides and shows comment highlights in the Editor.

I recently played with the different options in View. Didn’t know nor notice what ‘Show/Hide Markup’ was for… So I guess I must have kept ‘Hide’.

Thanks for the tips.

@AmberV and @PerlinP - Thank you.

I’m seeing this two years after the conversation but thank you thank you…I thought I’d tried everything…that’s all it was. Don’t know how I changed it on that one project…

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