Comments in compiled document generates security warnings in Microsof Word

Using Scrivener 3.0.3 and Microsoft Word v. 16.18 (the one in the subscription version of Office), High Sierra 10.13.6

When I compile a Scrivener document with the comments, all the comments generate a security warning in Word like this whenever the text is clicked on:

Microsoft Office Potential Security Concern

Hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer and data. To protect your computer, click only those hyperlinks from trusted sources. This location may be unsafe:


Do you want to continue?

When I click “yes”, the next popup says “An unexpected error has occurred”.

I can work around this by changing the Word configuration on my end, but there is no way my editor, who is not that technically inclined, is going to do that. I am not sure if this is a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong when I compile. This happens whether I choose .docx or .doc.; .rtf exports with the comments simply crash (without comments .rtf is fine, but this manuscript has a ton of comments).

Thank you for any advice you can give me! (I’ve tried searching the forums but didn’t see this addressed.)

Edit: Argh, I misspelled Microsoft in the post title. Must be Freudian.

Well one odd about that what is going on here is that your comments definitely shouldn’t be looking like hyperlinks to Scrivener’s internal system by the time they are through compile. They should work like normal margin notes in Word.

When you say RTF crashes, do you mean during compile? That’s certainly odd, seeing as how to create a .docx file Scrivener first compiles an RTF file, and then hands that off to another system that handles the conversion to a non-native format.

Either way, something is not quite right with this project. Would it be possible to send us a small sample of this problem? What might even work is to copy and paste a portion of the text (with comments of course) into a new blank project, and send that in to our support address. If you can do so, make sure to reference this forum thread URL, so that whoever gets it can put you back in touch with me.

Crashes wasn’t too specific, sorry. What I mean is the .rtf of the whole compiled document can’t be read by Word. Repair and recover don’t work.

I’ll send a sample of a small section compiled as .rtf. The .rtf compiled fine, but the same issue with hyperlinked comments generating security errors. I’ll send it along to the support address.

Okay thanks, but to reiterate my original request: what we need is a description of how we can produce the same RTF you are producing, rather than the RTF itself. I do not know how to set up Scrivener to produce the result you describe; it is not how the program is designed to work in any way. The easiest way to provide a “description” is to send a project that generates the invalid output. I can compile it on my computer, and if I get the same kind of .rtf file you already described, then we can track down how it got to be that way.

I sent in a sample project that generates the invalid output on November 7th, together with an .rtf of the output. I have yet to receive any response, and the support request was closed by an Ioa without any response except for the first automated response when the files were sent in.

I was kindly “informed” by the @Scrivenerapp Twitter account that AmberV was waiting for my response. I did send in the files. I was not aware that I am supposed to inform you again here.

To repeat what I said to the @Scrivenerapp Twitter account, if you were unable to replicate the problem, at the very least you (as in Scrivener support) could have informed me of that, instead of simply closing the support request without any response.

That’s strange - I wonder if Ioa closed it by mistake. Anyway, this should already be fixed in 3.1 / 3.1.1 which was released last week.

All the best,

Oops, yes I meant to update here as well. I’ve contacted you via email. It sounds like my first bit of advice that I sent you, to make sure you’re on 3.1+ will be your best bet then.

I am having the same problem when I delete comments I’ve added to a document. It’s usually text I have copied and pasted either from within the chapter or from another chapter. I delete/resolve the comment and Scrivener inserts scrivcmt://D95DA56E-69AD-4D48-8995-714AFB8B3752/ in the text that had the comment. The only way I have found to clear this is to copy and paste the content into MS Word, remove the hyperlink, and put it back into Scrivener. This will take forever and I am in the middle of a big edit. PLEASE HELP. This is a nightmare.

A faster way would be to cut the text and then use Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style to strip out all formatting (including links).

There is a known bug right now that leaves these links behind if you start typing right after removing a comment. Moving the cursor is often enough to get out of the condition, but if that doesn’t work you could try using the History buttons to jump back and forward.

Alternatively if you find yourself running into this a lot, you could switch to using inline annotations.