Comments in Outliner in beta 2

Is there any way to see the comments when you select a single file in Outliner mode? I have the Inspector open and a series of documents in Outliner but when I select a single doc I don’t see the comments pertaining to that doc.

It would be nice to be able to click on a Comment and have it open in the Editor (or a split-screen Editor).

(And since I’m already begging…) It would also be nice a to have a split-screen setup with docs in the Outliner (top or bottom) and have the Editor window contents change - tracking what is selected in the Outliner.


This program is pretty fantastic. Cheers!

You have to have text loaded in the editor in order to see comments, but sort of answering in reverse, you can set it up this way:

  1. Use View>Layout>Split Horizontally/Vertically (Opt-Cmd-= and Cmd-" respectively, or click the rectangular icon rightmost in the editor header and hold Option to toggle between the two split types) to split the editor pane.

  2. In the editor with the outliner, click the double-arrow button in the footer to link the editors, so that clicking a row in the outliner will load the text in the second editor.

  3. Lock the inspector to the second editor (the one with the text) by putting the focus in that editor and then clicking the lock icon at the bottom of the inspector.

Now if the inspector is set to show the comments, whenever you click on a document in the outliner, it will auto-load in the second editor and the comments will load in the inspector as well.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the kind words!

I’m afraid it’s not possible to have the comments visible when the outliner is selected, no, because the comments are actually part of the text and are inseparable from it. The text must be loaded into an editor for the comments to be available in the inspector.

Your second request has long been part of Scrivener, however - just click on the button with the two arrows in it in the footer bar of the outliner so that the arrows turn blue, and then anything you select in the outliner or corkboard will be opened in the other editor.

All the best,

P.S. Looks as though MM beat me to it and provided a workaround t’boot.

Oh, was going to add, depending what you’re going for, since you asked about loading the text off the comments (which obviously isn’t exactly possible, since the text already has to be loaded anyway), you could try something sort of in reverse. If you load all the documents as a Scrivenings session instead of in the outliner, then the comments for all the documents will appear in the inspector, and clicking on any will scroll the editor to where that comment is anchored in the text. If you then want to see that document in context, you can click in the editor and use View>Reveal in Binder (Opt-Cmd-R).

Fantastic! This works very nicely with what I’m doing (and thanks for the suggestion about locking the Inspector - didn’t even know it was possible!)

Thanks so much.