Comments link remains after deletion

Hi there. I am using version3.2.2. and finding that if I delete a comment the link ‘reappears’ when I type new text in the area from which the comment was deleted (see screenshot). The highlighted area has no link assigned. This stays after closing and reopening the program. I can eventually remove it but am not sure if there is something I am doing wrong.

Please advise


This was a bug in 3.1.5 which was subsequently fixed in 3.2.0, and I can’t seem to replicate it in 3.2.2.

Did you happen to copy and paste the text in that document from an external source? It’s possible that this is actually some rogue formatting copied in from somewhere else. You can test this by hovering your cursor over the linked text - if it is a link, it should have a tooltip with the address, and it’ll probably look like gibberish if it is a broken inspector comment link.

If there is no tooltip, and right-clicking shows now “Edit Link” or other link tools, then it’s more likely weird formatting from the pasted text. You could try copying the text from an affected document into a new document and using Paste and Match Style to clean out any formatting issues.