Comments messing with tables on Beta 36.

There is a problem when I try to use the comments function with tables.

This is the way I want it to be.

If I close Scrivener, or sometimes by just open another document then returning to it, I have this:

When I open comments in the inspector to edit them, they also starts to messing in the text.

(some of the comments foreground color and formatting instantly randomly changes in the text)

When I’ve tried to delete comments, the text formation persists and if I change to another document then return, or if I create another comment, every other deleted comments comeback to haunt me.
I think I can’t attach more than three files, so I can’t illustrate those two later bugs.

I know that tables never was a priority or polished functionality in Scrivener, in Scrivener 3 they seems to behave much better because in Scrivener 1 every time I create a table my computer slow down a lot until I close and open Scrivener again, but at least this isn’t happening on the beta. I hope the team someday put some attention and effort on tables…