Comments missing from MS Word import. Modern comments the problem?

I’ve been trying to import an MS Word document but comments were not coming across as I’m sure they have in the past. By saving the document as .doc instead, comment import worked properly. I’m wondering if the issue was that the original document’s comments were what Microsoft calls ‘modern comments’, the ones that sit further off to the side and are designed for collaboration on the Microsoft 365 platform. Has anyone else had this experience?

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I have just created a test Word document with comments and they were intact after importing the .docx file to Scrivener, both by drag and drop and by Import and Split.

Both Scrivener and *Word" are the latest versions (Microsoft 365, not the one-time purchase version). The comments in Word do look different, they were moved one pane/column to the right, like you said. But besides from the looks is there any difference to them? Or is there a setting to make them behave differently?

I have the same experience with a Word file, right now. I cannot get the comments to import using the ‘import file’ option in the file menu. Not had that problem previously. However I will check the type of file (.doc or .docx). I’m away from my Macbook at the moment. I have the latest Scrivenre and MS Word ver. sions and the latest MacOS.

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I just did a simple test with Scrivener 3.2.3, using Menu: File - > Import → Files … , picking a *.docx file created with Word 16.68 on macOS 13.0.1 and seemed to work.

What is the error message you see? Are you sure there are comments in the Word document?

I don’t get an error message. The .docx file does not show any comments when imported or simply pasted into the binder. When I saved the original word.docx file os just a .doc file and then imported it, all of the comments now show as in-line annotations. I converted those to comments in the Inspector using the transformations menu (convert in line annotations to inspector comments). So, on my M1 Max MacBook Pro (MacOS v12.6), when importing Word files saved in .docx, comments are not imported. Okay, just only found that out. Is it a bug? No idea. Is it just specific to my hardware and software combo? No idea. But this was the only way to fix it. Best. steve.

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The two differences are version of macOS and you have an Apple CPU whereas my iMac is Intel CPU. Could be Scrivener. Could be something with macOS. Could be something (maybe) if Microsoft software involved in the import of the DOCx file. Dunno.