comments move to wrong place when comment is on table tag

comments move to wrong place when comment is on table placement holder. For example if tag is “Table <$n:table:summaryresults>” and the comment is on any part between “<” and “>” the compiled word docx comment will be in the place where the next comment is.

See attached. (22.4 KB)

I am not seeing this result when I compile your test project. If I compile to RTF and DOCX, opening the former in Nisus Writer Pro, and the latter in LibreOffice, the “aa” comment is attached to the numeral “1” as we would expect, and the next commend after it, “bb” is attached to the word, ‘says’. Did you verify the zipped scriv? It could be the problem requires some compile settings that you did not implement in the blank project.

Are you using the latest version of Scrivener, 2.6?

Hi Amber,

Thank you for your reply. This is the word document that I see. ‘aa’ is on ‘says’. ‘bb’ and ‘cc’ are on ‘hard-disk’. version 2.6. Not sure what else I’m doing different?
Ofcourse the error is easy to avoid, just don’t put comments on tags… (7.95 KB) (7.95 KB)

I’m still not seeing this. :slight_smile: Here is what the error1 file looks like for me:

I have ‘aa’ highlighted, and as you can see it points to the ‘1’ in the document. Beside it, ‘bb’ points to ‘says’.

Perhaps it is a problem with your word processor?