Comments Name & Time Stamp

Ever since I loaded the most recent update, the meta data on the comments has been incorrect. It used to have my pseudonym listed in the comments box, but now it has my legal name popping up, which is what I had to use when I paid for the software. Since most of my pre-readers don’t know my real name, and I’d like to keep it that way, I need my comments to be stamped with my pen name again like it was prior to the upgrade.


Posy Roberts

Hmm, I’m not sure how you had it working that way before, since nothing has changed here and that just uses your Mac’s system address card for the info (not your Scrivener registration). But it is easy enough to fix. Just load up, and create a pseudonym card with your pen name. In the “Note” area of that card, type in: “(Scrivener:UseMe)”. That will cause the software to use that address card instead of your official card, for all functions that pull that information (headers/footers, and some templates will pre-fill off of it, as well as comment placeholder text).