Comments not deleting properly

I have some comments highlighted in my ms. When I delete them, using the (x) in the Inspector pane, the comment highlight is removed. One of two things happen after this.

  1. After some time, minutes maybe, the text that was previously highlighted as a comment, now turns blue and is underlined. There is nothing I have been able to do to remove this.
  2. After the comment highlight is removed, if I even change one single character or add a space in the uncommented text, it now changes blue and is underlined. And again, I cannot find anyway to remove it, other than to delete the entire text and manually retype it in.

I have used the edit/copy special/copy without comments and footnotes, but this seems hit and miss. Sometimes it works, and with the latest section of text, stubbornly pastes back the same blue underlined text.

Is this a known bug, or does anyone have any idea for this, please? I still have numerous problem pieces of text in my ms, so I can send a section of a chapter to someone for evaluation.
The comments were added by an editor who was using MS Word to edit my MS. Sometimes removing the comment works and stays removed, other times it returns, without me touching the text, in blue and underlined. Very frustrating. I’ve looked through the forums and cannot find a solution for what is happening.

It sounds that you’re experiencing a known issue. See the following two threads in the Bug Hunt sub-forum, especially AmberV’s (L&L support) posts which include workarounds:

Thanks so much for the reply. I did as suggested and was able to get rid of the linked text. It was driving me crazy. I have only just updated to Catalina, so this was the first time that I have noticed it.
Thanks again.
Best Regards.