Comments not deleting properly

Hey, folks,

Whenever I delete a comment (by pressing the X button on the top right hand side of it), the comment keeps coming back to haunt me. Sometimes it’s just a matter of clicking in my document again, or changing to a new document and coming back. After I press X several times, it seems to eventually disappear, but I’m not sure what the logic behind it is.

Anyone experiencing the same?



Something similar is happening to me. Not with all comments. It appears to be deleted, but if I switch to another document and then back again, deleted comments have often reappeared. They are often (always?) associated with a carriage return at the end of a paragraph - clicking on the resurrected comment shows the comment marker in the text at the end of a paragraph. If I delete that carriage return and then hit return again to put the paragraphs back the way they were, then save, the comment deletion seems to be permanent.