Comments not displaying (S2 vs S3)

In S2, comments are listed in the Inspector for folders selected in the Binder and, indeed, the whole draft (scrivening-like). This no longer works in S3. No comments are displayed. Since I use this an awful lot – both at chapter and draft level – is there a method for displaying comments in S3 for these cases?

Furthermore, in the Three-Pane Outline layout, when selecting a document in the Outline, the document changes (as expected) and the Inspector is updated in all cases except for comments. The comments do appear when you click into the document, however. I presume this is a bug/oversight, since the comments indicator is set in the Inspector showing Scrivener knows the displayed document has comments.

These two cases might be manifestations of the same thing.

Hm, comments and footnotes (showing themselves per document[s]) are working for me, and selecting scrivening groups / whole document updates the comments in the inspector. Does this happen in a new document or only a converted one?

Comments are part of the text. They can only be displayed when the text is displayed. Nothing has changed in this regard since S2.

In that image, the inspector is showing the comments for the middle pane - which is showing text. This is exactly how it is in 3.0, too, because nothing has changed there.