Comments now hyperlinked but can't see them


For some reason, my comments are now hyperlinks (scrivcmt) but when I click on them, nothing happens. I can’t see the comments in the inspector anymore either. How can I get my comments back?


I saw a brief mention of scrivcmt somewhere but my issue is somewhat different. Has anyone encountered this issue where comments disappear and the highlighted text is now a hyperlink that goes nowhere? (ex. scrivcmt://73B3AA77A-FFAE-….)

Is this forum monitored by L&L or should I contact tech support directly? Thx.

I’m having the same issue. Why is there no answer to this by the forum moderators dating back to May 12, 2017?

Contacting technical support directly is always the best way to ensure a prompt response.


Four years later and I’m having the same problem. Thousands of footnotes have disappeared and are replaced by scrivcmt links that I am unable to find/see/edit/etc. Why haven’t they responded to this thread?

They have replied. kewms is a moderator/L&L employee, and their advice is probably the best. Support will likely be able to address your specific needs far better than any general advice could.

If you’re having the same issue four years later, it is probably a different problem as the Scrivener code base has changed substantially. As noted above, if you need an “official” response from Literature & Latte, please open a support ticket, here:

I’m not having problems four years later. But users are. This thread was created four years ago and I had the problem happen this week. This needs to be resolved in an update.

Have you opened a support ticket?

Yes, but I’ve resolved the problem. I was able to find a backup that was serviceable. Thankfully my Scrivener files are organized by chapters, then sections, then sub-sections, then sub-sub sections, etc. I was able to compare the word count and number of citations in each of those chunks of text to see which ones have been changed since the update. I managed to update the backup to what should be current–perhaps with the exception of a section that was edited without changing the word count, which I consider highly unlikely. Fortunately my oldest backup was before the corruption. Ever other since was corrupted. It seems to have been caused by the folder being in a folder that is synced to the cloud.

I am concerned, however, that the folder now shows an X on it, because searches.indexes and writing.history have an X on them. I have no idea what that is or how to fix it.

Does the recovered project open correctly in Scrivener?

Yes, it opens and the footnotes are now there.