Comments, Styles, and Shortcuts

I use color-coded comments a lot, and wanted to try and save time by making shortcuts for each of the different colors I use. In order to do this I set up styles (character only) and then created shortcut commands on my Mac. After trying to use them, however, I discovered that the comments created this way don’t link back to the correct text. Every comment in one style links back to whatever block of text I created the first comment in that style with. The subsequent comments won’t even delete unless I delete the comments made before in that style.

Is there something I can do to fix this?

I don’t believe this is intentional behaviour. Links are typically stripped out of styles, but it appears that is not happening for comment links, at least during that one session. If I close and reload the project then the style no longer applies the link. I don’t get the behaviour you describe, where they all link back to the same internal note, but that’s another clue that it’s probably not meant to be doing this at all.

I’ll check though, since other links are so carefully stripped out.

I tried closing out of Scrivener (only just realized I hadn’t since setting up the styles) and the links worked correctly when I reopened, but applying those styles no longer created colored comments. So I guess that trick for getting my colored comments more easily is out.