Common Binder asset between projects possible?

I am a long time user of Scrivener and use it for both creative writing and business writing. I have about six separate Scrivener projects that I use, 3 frequently and the others less frequently.

I want to create a folder/container/repository in the Binder of my CREATIVEprojectONE that will also be available when I open CREATIVEprojectTWO. And if I add something to that folder/container/repository in either project it shows up in the other project the next time I open it.

I’m embarrassed to say that I think Scrivener does this somehow, and I should know how, but I don’t. I have read through the manual and searched the forums here but can’t seem to figure out how to make this work.

Ideas? (If your response starts with a page number in the manual I’ll be VERY embarrassed! But I would still like the reference!)

No, there’s no function in Scrivener for one project to gain a window into the contents of another project. Your options are to either keep a separate reference project, or to keep all related writing and research in one Scriv. Project.

Thank you for reviewing and responding.

I’ve been looking for days and the closest that I can come up with is bastardizing the Scratch Pad since it is constant between projects. I wish the Scratch Pad supported nested folders, but alas I’m certain my abnormal application is NOT what he intended in building the Scratch Pad.

Is there a Services script that would send a copy command to the Scratch Pad? I see one to append a copy command to Current Notes, Current Text, and Clipping, but not the Scratch Pad. I guess the Command-Shift-Return pop-up is supposed to be the approved way to bring up the Scratch Pad to paste text into it.

Thanks again.