Community Supported!

Note: I am new to the forum and the program so please excuse any repetition or naiveté.
If L&L do not want to develop and support Linux versions, the solution would seem to be: Opensource it and let us take it over. Folks will still gladly pay a nominal price for a finished binary version so nothing to lose, everything to gain.

The main problem with that idea is that the Linux version was a recompiled copy of the Windows version—it is a QT4 program. Thus we’d be open sourcing the Windows version for all practical purposes, and while I might myself personally not see a conflict between that concept and commercial software, I’m not the one making that decision. :wink:

QT4 is old! Be better to port the Windows and Linux version to Electron - much less development overhead especially for cross-platform deployment.

Please keep the Mac and iOS version native though!

Indeed it is, and a source of some woe. :slight_smile: A big part of the next Windows upgrade will be the shift to QT5. I can’t really speak to whether that is better than Electron, but I think our code base at this point would be difficult to shift elsewhere given the scale.

No worries there!

I was only half serious - just throwing a bone to Linux users. I use Linux every day for work but at home I got sick of using it and went back to macOS – the iOS release of Scrivener cemented to Apple.

I know what a huge effort porting a major app like Scrivener would be and given my experience using Electron apps (Atom, Slack etc) they suck.