Comp mode - Keyboard shortcut from Editor to Inspector doesn't work

On RC8.

When using the main editor, Windows key+Alt+Shift+1 repositions the cursor inside Inspector Notes.

This keyboard shortcut doesn’t work from the Composition Mode editor to the Comp Inspector notes.

Is it supposed to?


I thought composition mode’s purpose was to hide all those pesky distractions and just allow us to write. The Inspector just being one of them.

(Of course, with my multi-screen setup, I can have the same document open in another screen and have the inspector opened there, but it kinda defeats the purpose of composition mode. Perhaps I need to write an AutoHotKey script to remap F11 to minimize every window except the one with my current editor and put that in composition mode.)

So, short answer, my guess is no, it’s not supposed to bring up the inspector.

OTOH, I just noticed when I went to the bottom of the composition mode screen that the Inspector is an available choice, so perhaps I (as I frequently do) erred.

I’d say now, if the feature is available, it oughta be accessible via the same hotkey you’d usually use.

Am I the only one who learns as much about using any version of Scrivener from interacting in this forum than I ever have from the tutorial?

This forum’s like a supplemental tutorial, and a darned good one at that!

I have a dual monitor setup like you. When drafting or revising a story, my current fav Scriv layout is to have a doc (or docs in Scrivenings) in Comp Mode in the left monitor, and in the right monitor I’ll have the Scriv main window open to notes, prior versions, whatever, also maybe a browser window… So I get the best of both worlds. I can focus on my text on the left, but can consult other things on the right as needed.

While I’m working on my deathless prose in Comp mode on the left monitor, sometimes I’ll have competing sentences. After much hemming and hawing, I’ll pick the one that seems to work best, but if it seems likely I’ll want to reconsider the runner up sentence later, then, still in Comp Mode, I’ll Ctrl+Shift+I to launch the inspector, and paste the runner up into Doc Notes.

Unfortunately, with RC8, I need to mouse over to the Comp Mode inspector to paste the runner up, then mouse back to the Comp Mode editor to continue writing. It would be nice and less friction to be able to bounce back and forth between Comp Mode editor and inspector using only keyboard shortcuts. In the Main Editor, Windows key+Alt+Shift+1 will jump back and forth between the Editor and the Inspector Notes, That’s the use case for me, and the ultimate ask.

Yeah, that’s my selfish reason for hanging out here so much. :blush:

I do wish that more people utilized the Using Scrivener forum for its actual purpose, which is sharing usage examples like I did above. If I get motivated enough, perhaps I’ll do so.


Absolutely! I learn more and more every day - many times trying to duplicate some of the bug reports.