Comparing backups

I’m working with Scrivener on the same project on two computers (desktop and notebook) saving the project on local hard disk with automatic backup (on saving and closure) on Onedrive. If I need to restore a backup (tipically when I change device) I download the backup file from Onedrive, delete the old folder project, unzip and rename the backup folder.

Importing works decently at the end, but I really miss an option to compare differences between two backup files, maybe something like a diff comparision (red/green text) used in software development. Does exists a way to compare backups? I checked the manual but I didn’t find nothing.

P.s: english is not my mothertongue, so I’m sorry in advance for mistakes.

Hi Max,

There’s nothing like this in Windows Scriv that I’m aware of.

Do you have Word?

If so, you could compile both projects into separate Word docs and then use Word’s compare feature.


That’s a lot more difficult in a program like Scrivener. You almost have to think of it like having hundreds of .docx files, and expecting something to “compare them” as a whole thing.

There will be some better options going forward (such as being able to search by modification date and sort in the outliner) in the beta, but for now your best bet is to keep things orderly in how you work. I’ve been using the method you describe, of using backups to “transfer” and replace the working copy, for many years. It works well, and there have only been a few times where I have had to go in and figure out what changed between two recent versions.