Comparing Snapshots

Just today, I decided that I would finally start to use the snapshot function of Scrivener. My windows program doesn’t have a Track Changes option, so I thought that the Snapshots function of Scrivener would be a good substitute. However, I can’t seem to compare any of my snapshots – I don’t have a button to compare them, even though the two snapshots are listed in the inspector.

Is this a function of snapshots that hasn’t been added to the beta yet? (I’m using the most recent beta version).


Yes, this is a feature that will be coming but isn’t available yet. I think it’s not slated until post 1.0 release, as it’s a Mac 2.0 feature and Lee’s priority right now is to finish solidifying all the current features in the Windows version and fix the remaining bugs so Scrivener’s ready for release. After that, he’ll start adding more features (and continuing to fix bugs that crop up, of course) and so the snapshot comparison feature will come sometime then.

This track changes feature would be an excellent addition, especially when my co-writer (who doesn’t really write) starts glazing over while reading successive drafts of a work. Any known ETA for its arrival in Windows Scrivener? Will it be similar to what I’ve seen in other word processors? Thanks!