Comparing two documents

I have two binder documents displayed, each in a separate editor window. I’d like to compare them. Is that possible?

I’m using the latest version of Scrivener.


I assume you mean two versions of the same document, but at different positions in the Binder. Have you tried taking a snapshot of one document (Documents > Snapshots), then duplicating that document in the Binder, deleting the text of the original, copying and pasting the text of the second document into the now blank original, taking a new snapshot, and finally comparing the two snapshots using Documents > Snapshots > Show Changes > Compare? Although I haven’t tried that, I can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work.


I haven’t tried that. I was hoping there was an easier way.


There is no way to compare to different documents in Scrivener. The comparison feature is designed to work specifically with the snapshot feature. There is a slightly easier way, in my opinion. That would be to create a temporary item in the binder, paste document A into it, press Cmd-5 to snapshot, then paste document B. Now you can compare and you haven’t risked changing either of the originals. I dare say any other method of comparing two different documents would require nearly as many steps anyway.

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