Compatibility and Mac


I had been running Scrivener on a Mac and have now begun to use it on my PC at work. Scrivener on my PC doesn’t recognise .scriv files created on the Mac. The PC sees them as individual folders. I have tried to change the programme association to Scrivener, but Windows won’t follow through.

Any ideas?



On Windows, Scrivener projects are an association of folders. As long as you have the .scriv executable your project is still accessible. Mac has the ability to have multiple folders appear as only a single file. Windows doesn’t and that’s why it displays a group of folders.

To just continue through with that, to open the project on Windows you need to open the .scriv folder and then double-click (or use the “open” button) on the .scrivx file. Make sure when you transfer back to the Mac you take the entire .scriv folder, as it contains everything you need to get the project running.

Can you explain how that works if you want to use Dropbox? How do you make sure have all the files necessary for the project to open again on the Mac (after you have been working on it in the Windows version?
many thanks

First review this:

So long as the entire folder (as seen in Windows) is in your drop-box folder, then just following the guidelines above will allow you to share your projects between the two platforms with dropbox.

Many thanks. Looking forward to getting them both up and running

Thanks! :smiley:

I must be missing something. Trying to open a project in windows beta 021. Project was created on a mac, version 1.xx (not possitive, mac is not with me). I see no .scrivx file in the folders. The project is stored in dropbox.

Any suggestions?

If it was created on Mac v. 1.x it’s not compatible with the Windows version. You will need to:

a) get access to a Mac v. 2.x, import it into that, save it out and then open that in Windows Scriv;
b) find a Mac with v. 1.x, export the project as an RTF and import that into Windows Scriv and split it up;
c) go through the .scriv directory, identify all the RTF and other data files within it, and import them into Windows Scriv, or open them in a word-processor and copy and paste the text into documents created in a new Windows Scriv project.


Thanks for clarifying.