Compatibility between Version 1 and Beta


I am currently using the Beta version. So, I have written some docs now.

Last night, I felt like the old one is so better that I installed the old one.

But, the old one cannot read my new docs(Beta version).

How can I open my new docs with the Old one??

Thank you in advance.

I am also using 1.9 and 3 Beta. I believe that it is not possible to open documents created with 3 Beta in the older 1.9 version, because they use different file structure. You can open / import 1.9-files with 3 beta, but not vice versa. :cry:

Nino is correct. Scrivener 1.9 cannot read the Scrivener 3 format.

If you have access to a Mac, Mac Scrivener 3 can back-convert, using the File -> Export -> As Scrivener 2 Project command.

If not, you may – I haven’t tested this – be able to drag and drop from a new project to an old one. If that doesn’t work, probably the best solution would be the File -> Export -> Files command.


The beta notes make it very clear that there isn’t (yet) any backward compatibility, but Scrivener automatically created a backup of your old 1.9 project the first time you opened it in 3.0. So, depending on how much you’ve written using the new version, you could copy (or import) the documents you have changed one at a time into the old project (using Scriv 1.9). Or, if what you have in 3.0 is basically one long document, you could compile it to RTF then open that using 1.9, then cut it up into sub-documents again.

I know that’s not the answer you would have liked, but I hope it’s of some help.

This works, although when I did it, only the document’s text was brought into the new 1.9 project from the beta project. I had to copy Inspector Notes by hand.


That makes sense, since the 3.0 format handles metadata differently.