Compatibility with End Note x6


I really like this programme, but as im writing a thesis, i really do need it to be able to have referencing available. Is this an option? At the moment my preferred referencing programme is endnote, which we use very commonly in science. Any suggestions or hints?

Thanks in advance!


I am just testing Scrivener out and I am writing a thesis too. I use RefWorks but when writing an article in Word, I use end note too, I find it easier to do it that way and tidy up the references at the end. When using Scrivener, I have created a “bibliography” folder in my thesis binder. It doesn’t work the same way as end note but I can make a Scrivener link to the folder.

I have kept a copy of this post in my RSS feed, to remind me about not depending on citation management software.

You can paste raw EndNote references into your Scrivener document, then do the RTF scan in Word after compiling to convert them to whatever style you need. Another Windows user posted a while ago on the workflow with Scrivener, EndNote, and Word that may be helpful to you:

awesome!! thanks so much!! will try it now!

Thanks very much. Very useful for me too. I will try this. :slight_smile:

What MimeticMouton said.

And, I might add, I also much prefer using raw Endnote citations even when working in Word (where Cite-While-You-Write is available).

long-time Endnote user

Hi All

ive been trying but without success!! i am using ms office 2010, and endnote x6.

ive compiled and exported in scrivener as such:
fomat as: Non-Fiction Manuscript Format
Compile for: Rich Text Format (.rtf Word Compatible)

It them prompts to save and says its successful, however when i open the document, i can see the format {Guillemin, 2005 #1} in the text, but when i go to the end note tab, and update citations and bibliography, it gives an error message saying “invalid class string”. ive also tried to convert to unformatted citations to no avail.

also how do i do a rtf scan?

thanks guys!