compatibility with Index Card on iPad

I just downloaded the Windows Beta and its a great step, however I do a lot of my work on the go with my iPad and use the Index Card app by DenVog. According to their site this is compatible with the Mac version of Scrivener (since i dont’ have a Mac I can’t confirm this). I did try to open one of the Index Card files (sync’d through DropBox) on the Windows version of Scrivener and got an incompatible file error. Is Index Card compatible with the Mac version and (if so) are there any plans to include this compatibility in the Windows version?

Yeah, the Index Card sync file is a special file, it isn’t something that will open up in Scrivener directly because it is really more a set of instructions that Scrivener enacts when you run the sync function. This sync function does not exist in the Windows version. I believe the plan is to eventually get all of the synchronisation features into the Windows version, over time, but naturally these are 2.0 features and as such should not be expected any time soon.

Thanks AmberV, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I noticed that in the Index Card file when I opened it as a txt docu just to see what it looked like, it is just a set of instructions.

You can export it to RTF and then you can import it as an RTF file…

I know it is more of a pain. Before I got 2.0 for the Mac tonight I did that with 1. whatever it was.

It worked like a charm… though it is your full RTF file, not cards.

Me, will start working with the WIN version either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow on the nettie.

I know what the Mac version does (ok sort off… took me an hour to figure the sync)… so I can hunt the win version.