Compatibility with Scrivener 2.0 Files?

I recently downloaded Scrivener 2.0 for my Mac, and although I was able to open my Scrivener project (synched through DropBox) on on the Mac, I’m now unable to open the project through Scrivener for Windows. Can I make my file compatible for both programs? Or at least revert to using it on my PC?

Please forgive me if I’ve overlooked the appropriate forum (or, more importantly, direct me there!). Everything I read about compatibility on the site so far suggests that cross-compatibility would be possible. Is this because of the new version?

Many thanks for any help!

Mac 2.x projects and Windows 1.x projects are compatible; there are a few usage notes about working cross-platform in our knowledge base article, but it sounds like you’re maybe running into a Dropbox sync problem, if you can’t even open the project. What happens when you try to load the project on Windows–do you get an error message, or does nothing happen at all…?

For working with Dropbox, I also recommend reading this article for best practice tips and some help for fixing sync problems.

Thanks so much for the reply! When I try to load the project on Windows, Scrivener opens, but I’m re-directed to a new project page, and Scrivener can’t find the file. The binder file icon (viewed from my Dropbox in Windows) looks a bit different since having loaded the project through Mac 2.x and Dropbox seems to indicate that it’s updated. Does this definitely sound like a sync problem?

Yes, it sounds like there are missing or, more likely, conflicted files in the the project folder from a sync glitch that’s preventing Scrivener on Windows from opening the project. Try these steps to fix it.

Beautiful! Easy fix (removing a–two years old!–conflicted copy) And thank you for repeating yourself :slight_smile:

Great, glad you’ve got it working!