Compie Question

I know that I can check and uncheck all the boxes in Compile by using the cmd key. But is there a quick way to check adjacent boxes? What I want to do is include the first 30 documents out of 100. But I can’t seem to check to include only them. It’s either all or nothing or checking each one individually. Am I missing the blindingly obvious?

Select the items in the list that you want to change (e.g. select the first, hold down Shift, then select the last of the thirty to select all thirty). Then hold down the Option/Alt key and click on one of the “Include” checkboxes among the selection.

Holding down Option either sets all items to the same ticked/unticked status as the one you click on (if there is no selection) or all selected items to the same ticked/unticked status (if there is a selection).

Hope that helps.

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I knew it had to be something simple! Thanks :smiley:

I should’ve also asked - is there a way to do that with folders within the binder? I have my chapters divided into folders with the scenes inside. I want to select a number of adjacent folders and change the colour of them to denote what process those files are at. But although I can select adjacent folders, if I change the colour it only changes for the first folder.


If you intend to make a bulk change like setting the label to a dozen items, they all need to be selected first. If you’ve just got the folders selected, an easy way to extend that to its descendent items is to use the Edit/Select with Subdocuments menu command. You also can’t use the Inspector or the Outliner columns to make the change, because these are single-document tools.

Once you’ve got that selected (in the Binder is fine), just right-click on any of the selected items and use the Label sub-menu to change the colour on them all at once. This can also be done from the Outliner and Corkboard.