Compilation and page breaks

Hi. Love v3 for Windows. There is a problem I can’t seem to solve.
I use this basic structure: act/chapter/scene.
There are certain instances when I want to group scenes so I created this level: sub-chapter. It is basically just a folder with a synopsis and a bunch of texts (scenes) inside.
When I compile the draft, i’d like to have a page break before this level. That’s it, nothing else: no title, no numbering. Just a page break before this group of scenes.
But for some reason it seems I can’t achieve that. Although I created this level for this sole purpose.
Any clue?

It depends on whether you use Section Layouts for your Section Types or use Section Layouts based on Binder Level. Have you Created a Section Layout for the Sub- folder Level? Create one if you don’t.
Check Project > Project Settings > Section Layouts to see which Section Layout is used for which level. Add a Layout for the New level you created.

Hi Antoni and thanks.
I think I did. These are 3 screenshots showing what I did.

In Section Layouts, is there a checkmark in the “Text” Content Type?

for “New page” (sous-chapitre)? No.

EDIT: I just tried it. Did not work.

  • The first screenshot shows default section types (I think; I don’t know the language, though), but I don’t see anything showing the defaults applied to the folders you meant it to.
  • In the second screenshot, I don’t see anything showing the assignment of that layout to the section type.
  • In the third screenshot, you gave page breaks to a different layout, not the one in the 2nd screenshot.
  • The default separator for folders is usually page break anyway, so you may have defeated the default somehow.

Well, the problem is: I don’t want to use the default types.
And all the section types I ctreated do what I expected them to do during the compile process. All except this “sous-chapitre” one.
After much trials and errors, I discovered the following (and it looks like a bug to me): “sous-chapitre” page breaks do work if I click on the Title checkbox for Sous-chapitre.
Problem is: I just want to page break, not the tile.

If all you want is a page break, the appropriate solution is to assign a Section Layout that includes a page break to the first section in your “subchapter.”

Then my question is:
How to create a section type that does just that: insert a page break. No title, no text. I mean… it looks like a bug to me. Is it a bug?

If there’s no title and no text, then there’s nothing to insert and Scrivener ignores the item. I don’t know if I’d call that a “bug.”

In any case, as I said, the solution is to assign a Section Layout that includes a page break to a section with actual content, which probably means the first section of your sub-chapter.