Compilation Font Color Issue (Mobi)

I’ve successfully created files that my Kindle can read, but there’s a small problem. When I switch the “scheme” to “Night,” which should be white text on black background, half of my text disappears.

Only half of it. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why. The fact that half the scenes are visible confuses me even more.

In Compile settings, I’ve selected everything available in Formatting and told it to be black. That didn’t work, so I did it again and told it to make all text white. That didn’t work, either. I still got half black, half white on a black background.


Try the option to remove colour instead. It sounds like some of the work you have has been pasted in from Word (or similar) which often sets the text colour to black explicitly rather than just leaving it undefined as Scrivener does.