Compilation Problems

Hi guys.

I’m trying to compile my book in several formats. Right now I’m concentrating on figuring out how to do it for kindle (mobi), but am having some problems.

1) I’ve noticed that things are not centered on the pages. See the header vs the picture on Bioscreen.jpg

2) Is there a way I can change what is included in the table of contents, or introduce any sort of hierarchy? For instance, I have three sections to the book, and it would be nice to have the subsections of those three “indented”. Also, as noted in #3, how do I remove unwanted elements? See contents.jpg

3) Scrivener has rather randomly added chapter divisions to my book, but as far as I can remember, I’ve never even typed the word chapter in the book. How do I stop them from appearing on otherwise blank pages in the book, and remove them from the TOC? See ChaptersShowingUp.jpg

4) My understanding was that Scrivener would “smooth out” any differences in font, etc, but it seems like it’s making some font too big. See TooBigText.jpg

Can anyone tell me how I can address these issues?


Couldn’t fit the last screenshot in. Here it is.