Compile 3, Writer 0

This is my first attempt at compiling an epub and after 3 days, I kinda, sorta have an epub the way I want.


#1: Altho I have “compile as is” ticked, only the first chapter shows a blank line after the chapter name. Even tho the other chapters all have that blank line, it disappears in the epub and the text begins right below the title (sans the blank line). How do I get the epub to generate the blank line in all the files?

#2: The TOC shows the chapter names “blurb,” “dedication,” “title page.” I would like to have those three pages included in the epub but not those words in the TOC. If I untick them, then they aren’t included. If I delete the names in the binder, “untitled document” appears in the TOC. Q: how do I get a dedication page/blurb/title page without the words “dedication,” “blurb,” “title page” appearing in the TOC.

I’m working in draft. Haven’t been able to figure out how to get the look I want either via the compile tutorial, a search in tech support or via the Scriv manual. Have tried what feel like endless permutations and combinations in the formatting/layout etc panes but so far no luck.

This is obviously a beginner’s Dept of Duh but I’m stuck and would love some help. Thanks!

  1. I’m not sure what your intention is for using “Compile As-Is”, but if you have it checked off on everything, you might as well just switch off “Override text and notes formatting” in the Formatting compile pane, or perhaps start with a simpler foundation, like the “Original” preset. Most of the presets and template settings are designed to handle the formatting for you. Working back from one of these would be more of a pain than just starting from scratch with default settings.

That aside, it sounds like you have it working for one section. I would just replicate whatever process you’ve used in that one to the others.

  1. ToC features are documented in chapter 23 of the user manual, pg. 336. Briefly, you can create your own ToC, however you want it to look, by creating a file named “Contents” in your Draft. Use Scrivener Links to link to the sections you wish to include.

It’s hard to say without knowing what you’re going for. :slight_smile: One thing to keep in mind is that formatting for e-books is more like formatting for the Web. It may look like you want some of the time, but it isn’t going to all of the time, and generally devices and software give the readers a great degree of presentational control over the look. You usually can’t choose your own fonts, for instance, line-height and alignment is sometimes off-limits to you, etc.