Compile a Named Snapshot

One of the very few areas of friction I have with Scrivener is dealing with “versions” of a project. I love snapshots in that they have the granularity of a document, but when dealing with a Draft/Project, seeing a version of that draft using snapshots is very difficult. Scrivener is wonderful in that it allows you to name snapshots and you can use a unified snapshot name, so the data is there.

I know I can export files along with their snapshots, and then manually jigsaw piece back the documents, but this is (A) tedious and (B) importantly precludes the ample benefits of Compile (I :heavy_heart_exclamation: COMPILE!). So what I would love is that there was a snapshot filter option in Compile. If empty then the current version would be compiled. If it contained a snapshot name then that version of the document would be compiled instead of the current version. This would make it effortless to compile different versions of the Draft.

You can’t do this with snapshots, but another alternative would be to duplicate the Draft folder (or whatever chunk of it seems appropriate) before making major edits. If you have multiple versions in the Binder, you can then use all of Scrivener’s search and Collection tools to put together your compiled document.


Thanks Kathrine, yes that is an option. But I suppose it isn’t the most elegant solution (duplicating all documents and their snapshots and yielding lots of duplicates), and I still wish that the new compile in Scrivener V3.0 could use a named snapshot filter. :smiley:

Scrivener 3.0 is complete and this is not a feature, sorry. I may think about it for after 3.0, although it would be a tricky one to add…

If it is complete . . .


Beta time?

If I am to be told my really important wishlist feature is not implemented, how on earth can I be sure it isn’t included in V3.0 unless I can test to confirm!?!?


post-3.0 reflection:
My idea of the logic for this feature is simple, you don’t need to change the compile UI of the selected documents at all, compile still has the same broad UI (whatever it looks like in 3), and all settings in compile are nominally linked to the current project and its documents. But the filter simply does a regex search for each project document and IF it contains a snapshot that matches the filter then the snapshot is used, otherwise that document is not compiled. So this just switches which RTF file is read from disk…