compile a project to several html pages

I’ve been using S. for about six months so far and I love the way it organises my thoughts. What I like less is the raw output.

I’m looking to compile each chapter of my book as a separate webpage.
eg chapter1.html, chapter2.html

What’s the best way of achieving this?


Scrivener is by and large a program for creating a document, singular. Even though its internal approach to producing a singular document involves what some may think of as “lots of files”, it’s really more like an outline for a single document in practice.

One approach you could take would be to completely ignore that aspect of the software and use the File/Export/Files… command to produce a bunch of HTML files. They won’t be compiled, so you’ll have to use the program more literally, like a word processor, no auto-numbering, and they won’t be integrated at all (cross-references between them), but if you have 15 outline items you want to export as 15 files, that’s how you do it.

Otherwise, it is pretty easy to take one HTML file and turn it into 15, using nothing more than a text editor (some kind of HTML editor would make that even easier probably). It’s a very simple format. You just take all of the stuff outside of the element as your boilerplate file and then cut and paste “chapters” of HTML into sequential copies of that file.