Compile adds spaces to front matter

Hi L&Lers,

This is a small issue, but slightly annoying.

When I compile my MS for Word, it adds four spaces to the front matter document. It’s not a problem, I just delete them in Word afterwards, but when I’m compiling a lot, it gets slightly annoying and I’m curious as to why it’s doing it.

The spaces aren’t there in my front matter document on Scrivener, so why is the compile adding them?

See Screenshots below of Scrivener doc and resulting Word doc after compile.

BTW, the preview of this post is showing the first screenshot twice … not sure if it will do that for the submit, but scroll past the dupe image if it does.

If you turn on “Show invisibles” in Scrivener you might find something that causes this.

Good idea, Lunk, but no, there’s nothing there. No invisible characters.

Could you post or send us a sample project showing the problem? I can’t think of what would cause this off-hand.

Hi Keith,

Seriously, no hurry on this one, it’s no biggie to edit it in Word afterwards, but yeah, it’s really easy to reproduce.

This is a quick test project which mimics mine. Simple chapter layout and a Front Matter document called Title Page which is included in the compile.

The Title Page is set to compile ‘As Is’ and this seems to be the crux of the issue. If I remove the ‘As Is’ checkbox it doesn’t happen (it only just occurred to me to test that). But not formatting the title page ‘As Is’ is too much of a nightmare to get the formatting right.

As you can see from this quick test project, it consistently adds 4 spaces to the title page:

EB Meets (551 KB)

Hi Gilly,

Weird! The bug only appears in .docx, and it doesn’t seem to be present in Scrivener 3. I think it might be caused by the older version of the .docx converter I’m currently using, but I need to test that. For now, you can export to RTF and open that in Word, then save from Word as .docx if you need that format - RTF doesn’t have the same problem (which is why I think it’s a bug in the converter, since to create .docx files I pass RTF through a third-party converter).

I’ll investigate further to find the root cause and ensure it really is fixed for 3, though.


Great! Surprised I seem to be the only one experiencing it. Thought I’d find it on the forum here somewhere.

When is 3 coming out? And can I give out a little squeal because 3 will work with Growl? I do miss Growl and will be starting on another novel soon. Writing my last novel, I missed the mini celebration when I made my wordcount each day! I used to have Heather Small singing ‘so what have you done today to make you feel proud’ in true Miranda style!! Though you probably don’t get Miranda over there and have no idea what I’m prattling on about!! :smiley:

Take care

3 will be out before the end of the year - that’s all I’m saying at the moment. :slight_smile: But in fact, it removes Growl support entirely because of all the problems we’ve had with Growl-related crashes over the years, so it only uses the standard macOS notification system, sorry!

I’m pretty sure the only major programming difference “over here” is that Spotlight follows the BBC national news and features stories about Cornish pasties. :slight_smile:


That means that every time I hit my word count I’ll get farted at by the notification centre?!! OMG, that makes me NOT want to finish my wordcount for the day. Instead of squealing, I shall now go into a corner and cry!

I submitted a ticket about changing the NC sound for a Scrivener notification and nobody could find a solution. I even deleted the fart from my OS, rebooted, and it still farted at me!! Is there any way in 3 you could change the fart to Heather Small’s ‘what have you done today to make you feel proud’? Your customers would love you for it!!

If you can get Miranda, watch it! Hilarious! And, in the meantime, you can watch feature stories on our amazing Cornish pasties. Every time I have a visitor from abroad I have to take them to the pasty shop!!

Now fixed on iPlayer! I used to have to endure London News when watching the News on my computer, but now we’ve had to register to use iPlayer, it gives me Spotlight, presumably based on my postcode!