Compile an Outline - i.e. based on text in Synopsis field. Is this possible?

I really love the iOS Scrivener (and Scrivener 3.0 on Mac), which I’m currently using for writing treatments for screenplays. In my case a treatment is a 4 page overview of a feature film, to show producers.

My process is to create new documents for each scene, jotting down my ideas in the Synopsis field on each document - before writing the treatment in the Text pane.

I’ve worked out how to use the Expanded sidebar showing the document Title and Synopsis to view the equivalent of the Outline on the Mac version. What I’d like to do is to compile that Outline, in iOS, into a .PDF so I can make notes using Apple Pencil.

It’s possible to compile a Full Indented Outline on the Mac, but I can’t see how on the iOS app. I’ve played around with the compile settings on iOS and managed to create single and double line versions of the treatment based on the text.