Compile and font questions

I am a newbie and have a few questions: (1) how is it possible to turn page numbering off within Scrivener’s compile?; (2) how to enable the hebrew font SBL to appear in the exported file? I have been able to export my text font, but my hebrew words are replaced by Times New Roman. I checked my fonts folder and SBL Hebrew is there. (3) Is there such a thing as character format preset rather than paragraph preset? If not may be this is the reason why my Hebrew font is not exported correctly. I want my formatting to work as much as possible under Scrivener so I won’t have to perform repetitive tasks every time I compile a project for final touch in another software. Thanks!

  1. Header and footer settings are in the Page Settings compile option pane.
  2. For the Hebrew, it might be easiest to wrap those in a preserve formatting block. Just select them at use Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting in the same way you’d turn a range of text bold. That will keep them from getting their attributes overridden. Of course, you can also just turn off the override in the Formatting compile option pane; but it can be useful to have it there keeping your paragraphs uniform in appearance.
  3. Yes, if you look at the preset menu, you’ll see that some of them have a paragraph (pilcrow) symbol and others have an underscored ‘a’, some both. When the preset is created, you can choose just how much it will apply. To change an existing preset to do something slightly differently, apply it to a sample text then use the Format/Formatting/Redefine Preset From Selection/ sub-menu, which will give you this setup dialogue again and it can be made more narrow or broad in scope.