Compile as is doesn't quite compile as is...

Small one:

Just realized that the title page I just created, and then set to “Compile As Is”, will still be affected by removal of first indents if turned on.

Not really intentional, is it?

It depends on which indent flattening option you have selected. If you have selected “After new lines and empty text” then it may well affect a title page. The other options shouldn’t, but you’re right, they currently do - I’ve fixed that for the next update.

That was the one. Shouldn’t As Is override that one too, though?

(I wasn’t using the default title page, but one that I created myself and set to As Is in order to structure it the way I wanted. I could work around it all by removing indents on that page altogether, so it all ended well — just a question since I think it breaks the logic with As Is. Just my two cents.)


Actually, I was wrong anyway - it’s the option to have indents flattened after new pages that is problematic, because that one has to be done after all the text has been processed, when the Compile routines don’t know which parts were set to “As-Is” any more. Anyway, I think I’ve fixed it for all three options for the next update now.

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