Compile As-Is

I’ve just discovered something that looks like a bug (for me).

The Scrivener user’s manual says page 368, about compile as-is:
“All formatting set in the formatting pane (section 24.11) will be ignored for the checked document. This also means no extra material will be added, including titles or synopsis. Text will always be included, even if it would otherwise be excluded.”

Compile As-Is, concerns the format, and only the format. So that doesn’t mean that the documents which are “compile As-Is” selected have to be themselves ignored in the level analysis of the document’s hierarchy. Unfortunately, there are (ignored).

The only unselected “compile As-Is” documents, are visible in the hierarchy. For my knowledge of Scrivener, that is non logical. If there is one good reason, I’ll appreciate to know it, if there is no, it is a bug :question:

(in case of my english could be not understandble enough, take a look at the attached screenshots)
PDF_Assembly.pdf (830 KB)

No Answer?

So, bug or no bug?

I am a bit confused by the illustration. The arrows point between two folders and their highlighting, and both are clearly indicated as being not set “as-is”, thus the “Mise en forme” pane applies to them. All of the other documents in the list are marked “as-is”, so they will be ignored.

By example: if you check off “Section B” in that column, the highlight should go away, no?

I’m not fluent enough to explain as well as I would like. That makes my question confused.

What I wanted to show is when a folder, or a document is turned on “compile As-Is”, it is not included in the “Mise en forme” (levels section).

And “Compile As-Is” is described in the user manual to freeze the format of the document or folder. It means that “compile As-is” concerns only the format.

So, there is no reason to have not the document included in the “mise en forme”. The document should to be present, and be compiled as its format is. Isn’t it?

(I hope that is more clear for you. Thanks again for your efforts to understand me)

I think the explanation you are looking for is this:

When you click on the Level 2 folder item in Mise en Form the items that “light up” in the Binder are only the ones which will be effected by your actions (with the checkboxes in the mise en form area).

The level 2 compile-as-is folders do not “light up”, because they will not be effected by what you do with the checkboxes in the mise en form area. This is because the compile-as-is setting already dictates that only the text will compile (the equivalent of having only the Text box checked).

If the level 2 compile-as-is folders lit up anyway, it would look like you could effect those folders via mise-en-form in a way that you cannot.