Compile as outline always includes all chapter text

Version: (1812589) 64-bit - 18 Oct 2022

When i compile and choose any outline format (enumerated outline, full indented outline, compile as a word document) i get the entire document with all text, not an outline.

Hi Jsmith177. Welcome to the forum.

As it is at the moment, I suspect your section type(s) is/are not assigned a layout.

The name in the right panel might not be “section” for you, but that don’t matter.
If it/they is/are not assigned to a layout, “no one” is telling it/them not to compile the body text as well.
(As a matter of fact, if I am right, the body text is all that you get.)


is what you don’t want.

Thanks so much. that is the answer. I appreciate it.

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