Compile Assist

I’ve tried the compile function every which way, with ONLY the chapters I want highlighted, one at a time and all together, and so on. I’m trying to export all 40 chapters to a single word document. All it does is take my unhighlighted draft edits and compile them, ignoring the actual chapters.

Some assist on how to compile files of my own choosing would be lovely.

If all you want to do is compile the entire Draft, then you shouldn’t need to do anything special at all. Visit the Contents compile option pane, make sure everything has a checkmark in the “Include” column that you want included, and that should be it. I’m not sure what you mean by highlighting or unhighlighting draft edits though. What you select in the Binder prior to loading up compile makes no difference at this stage (we will eventually allow for that, but only as a specifically chosen option).

One other thing to sanity check is in the lower-right of the Contents list. There is a drop-down menu with options that can invert the normal logic of the Include checkbox. Make sure that is set to Compile Included Documents".