Compile Back Matter just like Compile Front Matter

As simple as that. To be able to compile Back Matter just like Scrivener compiles Front Matter. For ebooks (.mobi, .epub, etc.) this is a very important section and to have it compile just as easily without adding another chapter heading to the back matter like the rest of the reading material.

So, when you go to compile you would have an option to select for Front Matter (which you already do), and an option to select for Back Matter and then compile it like the Front Matter but only add it to the end.

This comes up a lot and is already in place for the next major (paid) update, although that’s still a little way off.
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I’m new to the forums and didn’t notice. I already have the paid version of Scrivener, so I can look forward to the next major update. Is there a relative time frame for when that update will be deployed?

I’m really enjoying Scrivener. It’s been awesome at getting things organized. Thanks!

So what are some tips until this update happens? This is KILLING me right now. I’m at a complete standstill. I just want to put:

Here’s my blog: asdf
Here’s my Twitter: asdf
Here’s my email: asdf

Without it putting NEW PARAGRAPH indention and forcing titles into the top.