Compile barfs on some footnotes

I think I found a bug?

When I compile for .docx, my comments are turned into footnotes (yay!) but I’ve noticed if there’s italics inside the anchor for the comment, it barfs in Word. Everything from the italic word to the end of the comment then gets appended to the footnote (and at the same size as the text, not the footnote).

I’m attaching 3 images – one from inside Scrivener showing how it’s “supposed” to be, and 2 inside Word showing how it comes out.
Inside Scrivener

In Word, pt 1

I’ve been fixing it manually, but once I realized it’s always at the italics in a comment anchor, I figured I should share my discovery. :laughing:


Thanks, that’s easy enough to reproduce.

I’ve tested against actual footnotes as well (as opposed to comments being translated to footnotes) and that appears to all work as expected. So if you can get away with using actual footnotes for now, that should avoid the problem. You can mass convert by selecting all of the comments in the sidebar, right-clicking on the selection, and using the “Convert to Footnotes” command.

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Why am I inordinately tickled to have found (and reported) a bug? :rofl: