Compile Best Practices

Hello all. My compile into word “looks” normal but when I upload it into a program called Vellum for formatting the tabs are uneven.

Though I’m not expecting any help on the Vellum part, I have a feeling some of my formatting issues result from how I type into Scrivener. Should I never use tabs in Scrivener? Just use line breaks to indicate paragrahps?

And if anyone has had wonky looking word documents from their compile, and solved the issue, would love to leearn how

Tabs are rarely the best way to do anything. As for paragraphs, they literally cannot begin with anything but a line break. Or maybe, more accurately, there’s no other way to end a paragraph.

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We do not recommend using tabs for paragraph indents.

Scrivener supplies a “Vellum Export” compile format. Are you using that, or something else? (The primary difference is that the Vellum format applies the styles that Vellum expects to see.)

Thanks for this. I didn’t know that. But AFTER I compile I start working on the edits and two other editors work on the manuscript afterwards. So this makes it more clear that it’s a problem with word. Thank you for telling me about the compire.

Or, how the editors use Microsoft Word? :wink:

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Yes. That one is quite likely.