compile breaks endnotes[BUG LOGGED]

I just downloaded Scrivener for Windows 1.6 and believe it will be a wonderful tool for the biography I am writing. However, my work requires many endnotes, and when I try to compile a chapter they are seriously malformed, though they look exactly as expected inline in Scrivener. I am using 32-bit Vista and Office 2007. These are the problems upon compiling a chapter, and the problems are exactly the same when compiled to various formats (rtf, doc, pdf). I did make sure that endnotes, rather than footnotes was checked in the Compile advanced options.

  1. In the text, 11 is added before every footnote number (e.g. my notes 1 to 25 appear to be numbered 111 to 1125). They are not superscripted, and they do not appear to be linked to the actual endnotes.

  2. Instead of appearing as a continuous list starting at the top of a page, the endnotes are divided into several pages and begin at the middle of each page beneath a line (i.e., looking more like footnotes), with a weird column of numbers appearing at the top of each page, like this:



  3. The notes themselves are broken up into many separate lines, with each line getting a superscripted number which bears no relation to the actual endnote number. I’ve pasted below endnotes 5 and 6. I can’t reproduce the superscripted numbers here, so I have added them in brackets so you can see what I mean:

[17] 5. John Johnston,
[18] A History of the Towns of Bristol and Bremen in the State of Maine, including the Pemaquid Settlement
[19] , 2 volumes (Albany, New York: Joel Munsell, 1873), 2: 318-319.
[20] 6. Robert C. Brooks, “Penobscot Loyalists,”
[21] Downeast Ancestry
[22] 7.4 (December, 1983):134-137. freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.anc … alists.htm (accessed 22 January 2011).

I don’t see this problem reported in the known bugs for 1.6. I am hoping that this problem with endnotes will be fixed so that I can continue to use Scrivener as I write and be confident that they will eventually compile correctly. If not, I will have to go back to writing in Word, because it would be way too much work to have to manually reformat every single endnote in my book.

Thanks for all the work you are doing on this software. Barbara

Just to add that I’ve been having the same problems with footnotes - having also checked the advanced options on compile, when I do export to .rtf, .docx and .pdf my footnotes go awry: each part of the reference ends up on a different line. The issue is the same as the original posting here, the difference being just where I want the references…