Compile bug - Not sure if this was reported

Trying to be sure that the compile font size issue is accurately represented. There have been reports dealing with PDF and other specific formats, but there seems to be a much more general problem with the compiler reducing font size, be it to PDF, to printer, to open office, or to word. And it is a very significant size reduction - 86 characters/line vs the correct 64 characters/line for the line lengths I am using. Line spacings are also reduced, which I know was reported for PDF, but it is true across the board as well.

At this point I have been reduced to compiling for open office, then completely reformatting and printing from OO. Is this compile bug listed??



Okay. I lied. It exports 12 pt font to 12 pt font in OO and Word. But it compiles for printing with the same kind of shrinking that one sees in the PDF file. Hence my use of OO to format for printing.



No problem, I appreciate the report. I’ve got it listed as happening with PDF, Print/Preview and PostScript formats. As far as I’m aware from testing, RTF and similar are compiling correctly, so yes, the workaround for now is what you’re doing, compiling and then printing from another word processor.